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temporian.EventSet.calendar_iso_week #

    tz: Union[str, float, int] = 0
) -> EventSetOrNode

Obtains the ISO week the timestamps in an EventSet's sampling are in.

Features in the input are ignored, only the timestamps are used and they must be unix timestamps (is_unix_timestamp=True).

Output feature contains numbers between 1 and 53.

By default, the timezone is UTC unless the tz argument is specified, as an offset in hours or a timezone name. See EventSet.calendar_hour() for an example using timezones.

Usage example
>>> a = tp.event_set(
...    # Note: 2023-01-01 is Sunday in the same week as 2022-12-31
...    timestamps=["2022-12-31", "2023-01-01", "2023-01-02", "2023-12-20"],
... )
>>> b = a.calendar_iso_week()
>>> b
indexes: ...
features: [('calendar_iso_week', int32)]
    (4 events):
        timestamps: [...]
        'calendar_iso_week': [52 52 1 51]


Name Type Description Default
tz Union[str, float, int]

timezone name (see pytz.all_timezones) or UTC offset in hours.



Type Description

EventSet with a single feature with the ISO week each timestamp in sampling belongs to.