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temporian.EventSet.calendar_month #

    tz: Union[str, float, int] = 0
) -> EventSetOrNode

Obtains the month the timestamps in an EventSet's sampling are in.

Features in the input are ignored, only the timestamps are used and they must be unix timestamps (is_unix_timestamp=True).

Output feature contains numbers between 1 and 12.

By default, the timezone is UTC unless the tz argument is specified, as an offset in hours or a timezone name. See EventSet.calendar_hour() for an example using timezones.

Usage example
>>> a = tp.event_set(
...    timestamps=["2023-02-04", "2023-02-20", "2023-03-01", "2023-05-07"],
...    name='special_events'
... )
>>> b = a.calendar_month()
>>> b
indexes: ...
features: [('calendar_month', int32)]
    (4 events):
        timestamps: [...]
        'calendar_month': [2 2 3 5]


Name Type Description Default
tz Union[str, float, int]

timezone name (see pytz.all_timezones) or UTC offset in hours.



Type Description

EventSet with a single feature with the month each timestamp in sampling belongs to.