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A collection of tutorials that will help you see how Temporian can be used in practice in a wide range of scenarios.

Make sure to check the Getting Started guide before to learn about the basic usage of the library, including the concepts of sampling and indexes.

  • Heart rate analysis: Load, visualize and preprocess medical data to detect heartbeats and compute heart rate and heart rate variability from raw ECG signals.
  • Loan outcomes prediction: Use Temporian to prepare data to predict outcomes for finished loans.
  • M5 Competition: Feature engineering and model training on the M5 Makridakis Forecasting Competitions.
  • Detecting payment card fraud: Feature augmentation to detect payment card fraud with Temporian and TensorFlow Decision Forests.
  • Temporian with Apache Beam: How to execute Temporian on large datasets using Apache Beam.
  • Supervised and unsupervised anomaly detection: Data visualization and feature engineering for detecting anomalies in time series data.